This vocabulary was developed to describe what happens when students are learning in depth. It can help teachers and parents make suggestions when students are stuck or not sure what to do.

Making it Mine: We want them to begin to feel a sense of wonder about their topics. Teachers can encourage this by saying “ I wonder….”

Going Sideways: Going off on a tangent. When students go sideways they may be wondering what other things can be used in place of the object. They explore and experiment. They may ask “what if” questions.

Going Back to go Forward: Students can go back, reorganize, reconsider as they take a look at their portfolios. Maybe add something, or throw other stuff away. Students may want to revisit a question, explore it a different way or look for answers to questions beyond the original one.

Going Deeper: Students go deeper into their topics when they ask questions such as: What kind….? How many….? Why…? How often….?

Going Wider: When students go wider they “branch out”. Visualize a tree and its branches. They are looking at their topic and how it interacts with other topics. At the grade 1 level might simply mean asking questions such as: What else….? How big..? How many…? Older girls may create a mind map, or get together with girls with other topics and find similarities.

Portfolio Parade: Sharing student´s findings, explorations, and creations is important. Sometime during the school year they should present to a group what they´ve learned. They may decide to share their ideas about their topics and their feelings using print, audio, videos, performance, art, graphs, charts, or diagrams.



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